​    Author & motivational speaker Kicking Eagle has appeared at schools, colleges, churches, town-hall meetings, charity events, community events, fairs, pow-wows, & seminars.  He has inspired millions through his radio & television appearances... including U.S.A. Radio Daily, Talk America, and Worldwide Christian Radio.  Eagle has also been the host of more than 100 "EagleTalk" radio programs, and he authored the newspaper column "Kicking Eagle Speaks."  

    Eagle's message of confidence, common sense, patriotism & traditional values creates a thirst for knowledge with the thought:  "The world is my classroom... everyone is my teacher."  His books are suggested for "children, ages 5 through 115."

    Eagle has received numerous honors including the Keys to the City at Youngstown, Ohio & Monticello, Kentucky.

    Along with private & community events, Eagle appears at pow-wows nationwide and was appointed "Ambassador" by The United Eastern Lenape Nation,The United Northern Native Americans, The Ouachita Confederacy, The Red Hawk American Indian Cultural Society, and by The Beaver Creek Tribe of Kentucky.  Among others, he has spoken at the Medicine Ways Conference (University of California at Riverside) and at the Eastern Delaware Nation Pow-Wow.  His original stories are inspirational, motivational, and educational for all ages.  The message is universal... and it is timeless.

    A former peace officer and member of Texas Narcotic Officers Assn., the Texas Ranger Association, the Tennessee Sheriffs Association and the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Assn., Eagle has spoken for Texas War On Drugs; the Texas Criminal Justice System, Special Olympics, the Eckerd Foundation Camps, the Air National Guard Recruiting & Retention Conference... and at corporate events across America.  He now wears "The Badge of  Confidence" and is on assignment for God and America.

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Motivating The World
with confidence, common sense, patriotism, & traditional values...
Eagle is the author of:

The Legend Begins!
I Know Ican!
Billy Banjo!


"Pow-Wow Trilogy"

The three parts include:

#1.  Pow-Wow!
#2.  Pow-Wow Justice!
#3.  Pow-Wow Summit!

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Author and inspirational speaker Kicking Eagle talks about the problems that have continued to escalate in America, our communities, and schools.  On EagleTalk, we talk about anything pertaining to God, America, & family values.

"Kicking Eagle instills self-esteem,integrity, thirst for knowledge, unity, and traditional values to people of all ages.."
-- La Follette Press, La Follette, Tennessee.

"Kicking Eagle's main message is that it is time for a change in America.  He believes we can get rid of violence, gangs, drugs and more of society's ills by adjusting our values..."
-- The Sentinel Record, Hot Springs,Arkansas

"His book (The Legend Begins!) which has been referred to as the biggest little book in America, is only a quarter-inch thick."
-- New Castle News, New Castle, Pennsylvania

"I finished reading your beautiful story with tears streaming down my face from Chapter 17 until the end.  This is exactly what I needed to start my new school year.  Not only have you given me new goals for teaching; you have given me guidance in looking for answers to personal decisions I have to make."
-- School Teacher of 27 years, Tennessee
#100 EagleTalk was broadcast in December, 2009
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Too small?  Too tall? Picked on?
We all get picked on for something...

"You can walk on water... when you learn to use your tears as stepping stones"
--- Kicking Eagle
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Eagle with Rhonda Vincent, IBMA Entertainer of the Year.  You'll find Rhonda and many other entertainers... and confidence in Billy Banjo!

Eagle speaks nationwide to organizations including Boy Scouts of America
At Left...
Rupert, from Dave Letterman Show... with Eagle in New York
At Right...
Eagle with Head Woman Dancer at Pow-Wow in N.C.
Eagle at WCBS Radio with Mary Regel in New York City during Restore America Tour
Eagle speaks at private, public and Faith-based schools & colleges nationwide.  Here he is at a Catholic school in Pennsylvania
Here is Eagle with some young friends at a Christian school in Virginia
Here is Country Music Legend Jack Greene
with Eagle at a concert in Virginia
   EAGLE MEDIA GROUP             
           "Ventures & Adventures In Entertainment"
Eagle and Pennsylvania  State Representative Jim Wansacz shared the stage during a stop on the Restore America Tour
Cherokee lecturer Freeman Owle and Eagle 
shared the stage again at a Kentucky pow-wow
You'll find self-esteem 
for all ages in Billy Banjo.  If you are the last one picked for the team or you feel alone in a crowd, you are not alone!
Eagle has been honored by "The People" of many American Indian Nations and Associations.
WILQ Radio in Pennsylvania  was one of many stops on the Restore America Tour
Eagle has traveled America, speaking at private and corporate seminars, at schools, colleges, churches, fairs, prisons, pow-wows, and community events... instilling the desire to learn.  His stories have multiple interpretations, and he always leaves his audience wanting more.  Eagle's books have been read around the world by all ages, by many cultures, and by people on all economic levels.  He is available nationwide.   E-mail us.
You'll find God, America, and traditional values along with common sense and confidence
in each of Kicking Eagle's books.  His message is universal, and for all ages...
Kicking Eagle!
The Legend Begins!

Now available in its' 10th printing!

This was Kicking Eagle's 1st book, 
originally published by Kicking Eagle Press in 1994

"A Story For The Whole Family"

The Legend Begins has been unavailable in recent years but due to demand, is now available in the 10th printing.  A former narcotics officer and a young spirit eagle (called "Ican" because of his "I can do it" attitude) receive the assignment to restore America and traditional values.  They will need your help.  Look forward to history, mystery, self-esteem, and plenty of spirituality as The Legend Begins!  

This book has been read around the world and is the perfect gift for anyone, any age.  It will instill confidence, common sense, patriotism and traditional values to all readers.  Each copy will be autographed by the author.

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The American Confidence Tour

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