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"Kicking Eagle instills self-esteem,integrity, thirst for knowledge, unity, and traditional values to people of all ages.."
-- La Follette Press, La Follette, Tennessee.

"Kicking Eagle's main message is that it is time for a change in America.  He believes we can get rid of violence, gangs, drugs and more of society's ills by adjusting our values..."
-- The Sentinel Record, Hot Springs,Arkansas

"His book (The Legend Begins!) which has been referred to as the biggest little book in America, is only a quarter-inch thick."
-- New Castle News, New Castle, Pennsylvania

"I finished reading your beautiful story (The Legend Begins) with tears streaming down my face from Chapter 17 until the end.  This is exactly what I needed to start my new school year.  Not only have you given me new goals for teaching; you have given me guidance in looking for answers to personal decisions I have to make."
-- School Teacher of 27 years, Tennessee

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"...Every child in America should read them..."
On his 1st  solo flight, Ican Eagle crash-lands and has to survive among strange people!
A former narcotics officer and a young eagle team up with the assignment to restore traditional values in America. 
A small boy learns from his grandpa that God measures no man by his size and that the only limits you have are those you accept.  Never let anyone steal your dream!

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# 3
The 1st book in Pow Wow Trilogy finds Ican Eagle flying high when he hears the drums calling him to his 1st pow-wow.  He decides to listen and learn, and is amazed at the results!
The story continues as two brothers find that their actions, attitudes and the wrong company has landed them in trouble with the law and they are facing "Pow-Wow Justice"
The  story concludes and attitudes are changed for life as the young brothers learn things from the Indians that they never learned in school.  These books are for all ages!
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The Trilogy

Pow-Wow Justice
Pow-Wow Summit

The 3 parts of the story in one book

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