Whatever your your goal or your situation...
your dream can come true!  We urge you to 
"Follow That Dream!"

Every entertainer needs assistance in regard to marketing, publicity, public relations, publishing and other related services.  The same holds true no matter who you are, what your dream, and no matter what business  you're in... or want to be in.  If you have a dream, contact us.  If you don't have a dream, contact us! 

Many entertainers & bands are independent artists including some of the biggest names in the business.  They own their own label or record for an independent label in order to exercise artistic control over their career.

Some songwriters, authors, and motivational speakers choose to publish their own works because their songs and books are their "babies."

With talent, a positive attitude, patience and perseverance, you have the opportunity to make your dream come true.  It requires talent, a plan, common sense, a predetermined goal... and a predetermined budget.  We believe this is true in the entertainment business, in every sport, and in every endeavor.  Above all else, you have to have FAITH!

The past does not determine your future... your ATTITUDE does!

If God gave you a dream, He will provide a way to make it come true.

"The only limits you have... are those you accept."

"The only guarantee in ANY business is that there are no guarantees."

"Alone?  You should never be afraid to blaze a trail.  As long as your feet are on cement, you'll never be anywhere first!"

"Your talent was God's gift to you.  What you do with it is your gift to Him."   

We don't have all the answers, but we'll be honored to help you seek them.


"Ventures & Adventures In Entertainment"

 Coming to you from 
"The Birthplace of Country Music"
"When people say you can't, 
it usually means they couldn't!"

--- Kicking Eagle
"The eagle was not born flying..."

--- Kicking Eagle

Singer?  Songwriter?  Musician?  Engineer?  Fan?  Producer?

If you are in the entertainment business, or are considering it, feel free to contact us.  We are compiling a list of those people willing to share their talents, experience, and knowledge to help others.  Your location does not matter... but your attitude does.  There are countless entertainers out there with a gift of talent that could use a little help.  Couldn't we all?                             
--Kicking Eagle
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"Your only limits are those you accept"
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World Rockabilly Coalition
This World Famous Guitar is at home in Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol is the "Birthplace of Country Music" so it seems natural that the guitar is standing in front of the Chamber of Commerce, but it didn't just happen. Before you could see it with your eyes, someone had to see it in their mind, and work at getting other people to "see" it and believe in it.  No doubt there were those that would call it not practical, not realistic, or perhaps just a dream.  
Now that the guitar is there and people from all over the world have stood beside it for photos, the "dream" is a reality and having seen it with their own eyes, there are millions of people who "believe it".  Sometimes you have to pursue your dream for awhile, and sometimes a while longer.  There will be problems along the way, but those that share your dream will join you to get past the problems and and make it happen.  If you haven't met those people yet, don't worry.  Just keep on pickin' and follow that dream!  God will provide the tools, the people, and whatever else is necessary in His time.  He wouldn't give you the talent or the dream without giving you the ability to make it happen.  Now, look at the next photo..... and think about it.  
MISSING... but not for long...
A "star" guitar, but something was missing.
What's missing from your entertainment career?
Guitars need tuning and careers & dreams do too.
Maybe your guitar, career, or attitude needs a little tuning?
Professionalizing?  Are you & the band dressing for success?
Without fans there are no stars, and the fans expect to see them.
It doesn't matter whether you're playing to a few people, or thousands.
Tune your guitar, dress like a star, give every show the best that you've got!
Look like a star, perform like a star, and you'll be seen as a star and you'll shine!
Many bands look like they met at a jam session & just got together for the 1st time.
Whether you are a solo act or a band, remember to:  "Set the example, and follow it."
"I've heard many people say: I''ll believe it when I see it but  experience has taught me that I'll see it when I believe it."
--Kicking Eagle