People who don't make many mistakes usually don't accomplish very much!

It's true that some of us make more mistakes than others.  It's also true that because of the mistakes, the heartbreaks, and the people that create obstacles in our paths that we know what we know. If we will embrace persistance, patience, and faith in God, all things ARE possible. 

There are many causes of negativity and we all feel down at times, but that's when we need to flap harder, fly higher, and strive for new goals!  I look forward to speaking to individuals, schools, prisons, organizations, and at community and entertainment events this year to promote confidence, integrity, and education to people of all ages

If you or your business need an attitude adjustment, feel free to contact me.

-- Kicking Eagle
You'll find many bluegrass and country artists mentioned throughout Kicking Eagle's "BILLY BANJO"  This is the story of a small boy, picked on because of his size.  His grandfather tells him:  "Billy Boy, don't you worry what those boys think or what they say; that ain't important.  What is important is what you know yourself to be.  The Good Lord don't measure any man by how tall he is.  You let those boys pick on you... and you pick on this banjo.  We'll see who comes out ahead.  Don't ever let anyone steal your dream!"

The story will encourage anyone to follow their dream, no matter how improbable or impossible the dream might seem to others.
Kicking Eagle presented one hundred motivational segments of EagleTalk Radio and has been the guest on radio & television programs nationwide. His message has reached millions and it always includes confidence, common sense, patriotism, and traditional values.The message is universal and for all ages. 
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Confidence, Common sense..."EagleTalk"
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Need? Believe!

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Many people on this earth
pretend to be your friend;
They'll tell you how much they'll help,
in any way they can;
But when a time of need appears,
they're nowhere to be found...
The need might be large or small,
but they're just not around;
But there are people sent by God,
and they will fill your need...
And ask for nothing in return,
except that you believe!
The Legend Begins!  is available.  It is a story you, your spouse, your children, grandchildren, and your parents can read.  Each might read the same book, but each will relate to it according to their own life.

"Legend" tells the story of a young spirit eagle named ICAN and a former narcotics officer that receive the assignment to restore America.  You'll find the pages filled with history, confidence, common sense, patriotism and traditional values.  

"The Legend Begins!" is the perfect gift for anyone, any age, any time.  The message is universal, and for all ages.

Email us to reserve copies in your name.  Each book can be autographed to individuals in your family... or to friends.  The price is $12 each.
"When the whole world thinks you're down...
It's time to STAND UP!"
... Kicking Eagle
10th printing available
Fly high and avoid gophers!

The "Gophers" that I refer to are those people around you who  always tell you what all you "can't" do, no matter what you plan to do, dream to do, or try to do.  You might have to live and work around gophers, but you don't ever have to let them steal your dream!

--- Kicking Eagle
Author/Motivational Speaker
For years, Kicking Eagle has toured America speaking at schools, churches, and special events.  He has signed "The Legend Begins" at malls, book stores, Wal-Marts and other venues in hundreds of cities while instilling confidence, common sense, and education to people of all ages, cultures, & backgrounds.
AVAILABLE NOW (but not for long)
If you've ever been picked on for any reason, Billy Banjo will inspire you!
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A message from The Eagle:

Everything is a matter of Attitude... & every Attitude Matters!

​    To be successful in ANY business, it helps (can't hurt) to appear successful. That doesn't mean expensive clothes, but if you want to "be a star" at whatever you do... you should SHINE (that's what stars do). As you appear is what people see, and as a performer, you should always think, dress, and perform in a way that the people "see" a star when you step on stage. Too many entertainers today (including some of the most successful in the business) look like they just came in off the street and got up on stage. Anyone in the audience might look more like a star than they do. I believe it's the obligation of any entertainer (and anyone else) to always do their best, present their best, and look their best when they are "on stage". In the entertainment business you are always on stage, because people are watching your every move. You are their "role-model"... hopefully a good one. Either way, you remain a role-model and either lead them in a positive way, or a negative way.  One more thing:  Be careful what you say.  God created the world with His words, and you'll create your world with your words.  Never let anything come out of your mouth that you wouldn't want to step in.              
-- Kicking Eagle

    "If you never do less than you are capable of doing, you are never capable of doing less."
"If God gave you a talent, He probably expects you to use it."

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