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"Where Eagles Dare"
(Copyright 1988, Kicking Eagle International)

"Those that fly where eagles dare,
they have all had their share...
Of being told what they can't do,
and of being thought a fool...
But they keep their sights up high,
and when they fail, again they try
until they finally do succeed...
for what can't be done --- 
they take no heed..."

                         --- Kicking Eagle

We've missed you....

    You've arrived at Eagle Media Group, and we'll do our best to inspire you to make your dreams come true.  Whether you're an individual,  a family, a small business, a corporation, or an association, we'd like to help you to achieve your goals.  Many things can hold you down, but nothing can  keep you down.  The past is past, which is why it's called the past.  You can't change the past, but you can use lessons learned in the past to project a much more positive future!

Although there are no guarantees in life, it's pretty much guaranteed that when you do nothing, nothing happens.  If you're going to "catch" your dream, you're probably going to have to chase it.  

No matter who you are, what you've "failed" at, how many times you've "failed" or how old you are, if you have a dream - it can come true!

If your idea or dream has been called "pie in the sky", unreachable, unrealistic, or impossible, you've probably been talking to the wrong people.  

Read "Follow That Dream" at the bottom of this page.  The message holds true no matter what business you're in or what dream you pursue.  If we can help, let us know.  Meanwhile, fly high and avoid "gophers".
--Kicking Eagle         


"Set the example... and FOLLOW IT."

"If you don't fit in, STAND OUT."

"If you wait for a bridge to be built, the river might run dry."

"Fly High, Avoid Gophers!"

"If you are not going to fly with me... please get off of my wings."

"When THEY say you can't, it usually means THEY couldn't."

Follow That Dream!

If you've been around the record business for any length of time, you've heard the expression:  "If you think this is a flop, play the flip."  There are many entertainers in the business today whose records "earned" that statement early in their career, but they later achieved success.  Stars are not always seen, even if they always shine. 

Sometimes "clouds" are in the way, or other circumstances create delays.  When an artist records one of those "flops", it's not funny at the time.  But, we believe that the difference between success and failure in the record business (and any business) is faith, patience, and persistence.  Some of the industry's biggest flops have hit later.  If you consistently exhibit faith, patience and persistence, you might seem to be on a rough road, but it might be "Success Highway", under construction.

Countless entertainers come and go, and many have talent from God, but they don't accomplish their goals because they "quit" too soon.  Others might have less talent... but more faith, patience, and persistence.   They stay on course and sometimes reach their goal only after years of heartache, failure, and trial & error.  They knew they had talent from God, and they believed they had an assignment from God.

The past does not determine the future.  Faith, patience, and persistence can leave the past in the past and create success in the future.

We've all experienced failure in the past, but we can all have success in the future!   With God, all things are possible!   

Whatever your dream, let us hear from you.  No matter how talented you are, you're going to need help taking care of business.  Send us a press kit, give us a call, write, or email us.

With God, all things are possible!
--- Kicking Eagle
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"The world is my classroom....
everyone is my teacher!"

                                      ~ Kicking Eagle
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~ Kicking Eagle

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